The highest sample quality is essential for the performance of a proficiency test and for use as a reference material. To achieve this high level of quality, we manufacture all thermoplastic specimens and sheets in-house. In doing so, we make use of both the ultra-modern production facilities of our technical plant and the expert knowledge of its employees. Homogeneity and stability of the samples are monitored by our highly qualified personnel in our test laboratory, accredited according to DIN ISO/IEC 17025, and then stored in specially prepared and controlled premises under appropriate conditions. We leave no step of production to chance and keep the entire chain in our hands. However, the demand for quality does not stop at our doorstep: Of course, we select all suppliers, their products and services with the greatest care. Of course, we handle all processes in accordance with the strict specifications of DIN ISO/IEC 17043.

Your visit to us in Lüdenscheid is always welcome. We would be pleased to introduce you to our aptitude tests and give you an impression of our work. But the best way to convince you is through our round robin tests – the current catalogue is available for you to download!