Catalogue and registration

Participation in our proficiency tests is not limited by specific guidelines. Knowledge and facilities for the implementation of the procedure are sufficient for participation.The objective of the proficiency tests is to give participants the opportunity to prove and improve their testing competences. To register, you can use our catalogue, which contains our complete range of proficiency tests. You will find the catalogue at the top right-hand corner. Our offer contains a wide range of proficiency tests according to ISO/IEC 17043:2010. The statistical evaluation is according to ISO 13528:2015-08.

Well-structured processes throughout the entire cycle of the round robin test are very important to us. Well-organised information will reduce your workload. The round robin testing procedure is characterized by four phases. All dates are announced before the proficiency test starts. Essential information will be available via the  online portal. Thus, you can completely concentrate on your tasks.

A proficiency assessment consists of four phases:

1. Registration period

  • We provide information you about our PT program
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
  • The registration phase ends with the registration deadline. All dates are listed in the catalogue for each product group

2. Preparatory phase

  • Planning and preparation of your examinations or tests
  • You will find further instructions on how to carry out your test in the online portal
  • The preparation phase ends with the date of the sample shipment. All dates are listed in the catalogue for each product group

3. Testing phase

  • Performance of the proficiency tests
  • Result submission to the online portal
  • The testing phase ends with the deadline for the result submission. By this date you have to enter your results in the online portal, confirm them and finish the process. All dates are listed in the catalogue for each product group.

4. Evaluation phase

  • Statistical data analysis
  •  suitability test
  • Preparation of reports and certificates approx. 3 months after submission of results



Further information:

  • You normally perform tests with two different samples ( mostly two different materials)
  • Usually each sample contains specimen for setting up and carrying out 3 series
  • In the vast majority of cases you determine the parameters of your proficiency tests in 3 series
  • Your data will be evaluated with scores
  • The report includes all characteristics and assessments of the test evaluation in accordance with ISO 13528:2015-08