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In addition to excellent sample quality, we consider the application of appropriate statistical methods, which not only meet the objective of the interlaboratory comparison but can also be understood intuitively by the participants, to be one of the fundamental principles of our interlaboratory comparisons. In the field of statistics, you benefit from our cooperation with QuoData GmbH, one of the world’s most renowned specialists in statistics for interlaboratory comparisons. This ensures that modern methods are used that are conform to ISO 17043 and ISO 13528. In addition, the cooperation with QuoData GmbH has significantly improved the quality of our reports. Structure and design speak a clear language and the statistical explanations are focused on the essential. So you can fully concentrate on your interlaboratory test results and their evaluation.

  • The statistical methodology is determined and documented before the start of the proficiency testing.
  • The statistical evaluation is in accordance with ISO 13528:2015-08
  • Usually, the robust statistical methodology Q/Hampel is used.
  • In exceptional cases, a conventional statistical methodology can be used as well
  • The evaluation of the laboratory’s performance is based on z- / z’ scores or z/ zu‘ scores