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Catalog and registration

Deutsches Institut für Ringversuche

Continuous growth – international customers – clear identification – brand launch

The trademark “Deutsches Institut für Ringversuche” was registered on 30 May 2017 under the number 30 2017 102 181.3 together with the logo shown above in the trademark register of the German Patent and Trademark Office. The registration was published on June 30,2017 and is initially protected for 10 years.


More than 15 years of professional experience

The Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid has been an established provider of round robin tests for many years. Our proficiency tests are carried out in accordance with the specifications of DIN ISO/IEC 17043 and are supported by our laboratory accredited according to DIN ISO/IEC 17025.

  • 17 years of experience in the organisation of proficiency tests
  • Over 1000 successfully conducted interlaboratory tests
  • An offer of over 200 different proficiency assessments
  • Participants from over 50 countries

We strive for accreditation according to DIN ISO/IEC 17043. We are currently in the evaluation phase of the accreditation process.

The objective of the proficiency tests is to give participants the opportunity to prove and improve their aptitude.


Our interlaboratory tests cover a very wide range of tests and analyses for plastic, packaging and consumer goods.

Our strengths:

  • Customised, demand-driven and industry-related interlaboratory tests
  • Optimum test design due to highest competence in plastics
  • More than 15 years of experience in organising proficiency tests in the plastics sector
  • Meaningful and accurate evaluations and certificates
  • High-quality sample material, relevant to practice, tested according to DIN ISO 13528

Your advantages:

  • Low-cost, neutral quality assurance measures of your laboratory
  • Proof of personal competence vis-à-vis third parties
  • Reduction of complaints by detailed knowledge of repetition and comparison accuracy
  • Time and cost savings in validation/calibration of procedures and equipment
  • Analysis of weak points for preventive complaint avoidance
  • Participation in PROFICIENCYs is mandatory for laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025

Your bonus:

  • Quick and competent help in case of deviations
  • As part of the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid, we are able to provide quick and uncomplicated support and advice on all technical issues.
  • We don’t leave you alone with your results, on the contrary: We would like to work with you to offer your customers maximum know-how and the best possible performance. This is, what makes an interlaboratory test thoroughly successful!


16 10/17

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