Catalogues and registration

Whether for training purposes, for checking devices or for the internal method check: You can rely on our reference materials. With the help of reference materials, you can independently put the quality of your tests and analyses on the “measuring stand”. Accurate measurements are indispensable when it comes to reliable test results.


Features of our reference materials:

  • Each sample set normally contains two different materials in order to determine results at more than one level.
  • Many of our reference samples are produced in our own facilities by highly qualified employees on modern machines.
  • Provision of precision data generated in proficiency tests and therefore highly secure.
  • The precision data contain information to evaluate the correctness and precision of your measurement.
  • The constancy (stability) of the values is checked at regular intervals by our ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory.


Further information about our reference materials, as well as the possibility to request reference material for many methods, can be found in our catalogue reference material.